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Top TV torrents - 2016

The words of the television golden age has been repeated so often in recent years that it has already come true everywhere: television series is now produced much more than the viewer can see even having all the free time in the world. This shaft of content, contrary to fears, yet does not result in a loss of quality - indeed, in 2016 produced a lot of series, which expanded the scope of familiar formats and showed that television features - dramatic, stylistic, thematic - much wider than has been assumed until recently.

Atlanta, 1st season

Perhaps the most important discovery on television 2016 - the project of comedian and rapper Donald Glover, who allegedly promised another story about the road to success in the music industry, but in fact at every turn deceives expectations. He prefers experiments with serials format to genre cliches, and brags by rare emotional realism, and on the same time by the unabashed, uncompromising satire. It turns pathetic, absurd and soul travel by prodigal fatherless in a big city. Atlanta looks here not as the cradle of the most advanced contemporary rap but as purgatory, in which rappers in fact, no less than the strippers.

Stranger Things, 1st season

In a sleepy provincial town disappear a child - and no one, including the audience, is not represent a terrible mirror world in which will find him. Delightful dedication to science fiction and paranormal horror 1980, which quickly transcends beyond the usual nostalgic homage - and picks up a very modern, irresistible anxiety.

Easy, 1st season

The soap opera from one of the most active (and most interesting) directors of the American independent film Joe Svanberg. In fact it is a collection of eight mini-films, united by place of action (Chicago) and by theme (the vicissitudes of love under the yoke of the present).Familiar to Svanberg sight at the universal, common to all people on the planet problems have not gone away and on the small screen. The "Easy" looks a collection of well-aimed, live vignettes about the main thing: love and sex, money, and self-realization.

The Night Of, 1st season

HBO miniseries catches the viewer on the hook by promise to investigate the crime puzzle of the mysterious murder of a white woman, on a charge of which the police arrest son of a Pakistani taxi driver. In fact, "The Night Of," quickly turns into something more than just a convoluted detective - the grand drama of the transformation of a quiet young man in a hardened, the injured man, which becomes the backdrop for Ghastlier New York prison Rikers Island.

American Crime Story, 1st season

The creator of "American horror stories," Ryan Murphy took the genre of the judicial drama - and fits in ten series chronicling the same trial of A. Jay Simpson, about which tells the documentary "O.J .: Made in America. " But if the ESPN's five series project takes depth and context, the "American Crime Story" is already an exemplary entertainment series full of benefit performances of actors and subversive, almost kitschy drama. Simpson court Murphy version becomes the key to understanding the celebrity culture of the 1990s.

High Maintenance, 1st TV season

Having moved from the Internet to HBO, a web series about the eccentric, neurotic, funny and pathetic customers of New York drug dealer did not lose their main advantage - an inventive approach to the format and structure (series do not last more than 12 minutes), sharp, realistic humor and most importantly, an impressive reserve of humanity.

Narkos, 2nd season

It would seem that the ending of the story so well known to all, that should cause a yawn - "Narco" tells the story of the hunt of US intelligence on Pablo Escobar, ending the killing of drug lord. The paradox is that in the second round of the Netflix series revealed the story of his hero's fall lifted to the level of Greek tragedy.

Bo Jack Horseman, 3rd season

Forget Don Draper, Heisenberg, and the like - the most compelling anti-hero in the modern television lives in absurdist mirror of Hollywood. Once was the star of sitcoms and did not acquire peace of mind, sinking deeper into the abyss of dependencies and vanity. Yes, this character - a cartoon horse.

The Americans, the 4th season

Most of the tv soaps with each new season in varying degrees, deflates and becomes uninteresting. "The Americans", by contrast, only become deeper and multi-layered. Drama about the Russian spies who pretending simple inhabitants of Washington. It began with a rather vulgar, excessive detective stamps - but turned into a comprehensive, simultaneously cruel and sensual painting about how private history, the fate of the individual is inseparable from great story.

Game of Thrones, the 6th season

Left without a support in the form of new novels by George Martin, "Game of Thrones," only gained a new breath: show's world continues to grind into dust all the new heroes, battle scenes scope and level of performances already surpasses any Hollywood's production. The plot is rapidly accelerated in the direction of the epic finale . The only reason for frustration is that this ending is too close - but as they say, we were warned.

Transparent, 3rd season

Jill Soloway series of prosperous Jewish family in Los Angeles, whose head suddenly decided to change his sex, remains one of the most inventive projects in modern television. And not only with respect to plot ("Transparent" - that anything but not the glory of transsexuality agitation), but to direction's poetry, maturity of style which are not inferior to the best examples of the festival films.

O.J .: Made in America, 1st season

One of two television masterpieces of the year devoted to the trial of the former star of american football O. Jay Simpson, could easily end up in our ranking of the best films th 2016. At least, at the festival "Sundance" all 5 series Ezra Edelman's documentary epic showing Simpson as a typical brainchild of the notorious American Dream, shown entirely - and this is so voraciously, in one gulp, "Made in America" is easier to swallow.

Girls, 5th season

It seems to the fifth season of Lena Dunham's film, all viewers turned away excluding faithful fans - but for nought. Released in the spring a dozen new series brought "Girls" to a new level: it is not a picture about dreams and delusions coterie Williamsburg residents, but a full-fledged comedy public humiliation, figurants in which, has never been so easy to get to know themselves.